For your protection, I have sought and obtained ethical approval for this study from the Research Ethics Committee of the University of Sunderland, and in accordance with the recommendations of the Association of Internet Researchers and the British Sociological Association. If you have questions about or comments on this project or its technical operation, please e-mail Alessandra Mondin  (Alessandra.Mondin [at ] research [dot] sunderland [dot] ac [dot] uk ).

  • Your participation in the study will involve answering a range of questions about your use of pornography: you should answer the questions as fully as you feel comfortable with.
  • The information provided by you will be rendered entirely anonymous the moment you submit your responses, and you will not be able to be identified in any presentation or publication of this research. It will be impossible to trace your data back to you individually. In accordance with the UK Data Protection Act, this information may be retained indefinitely.
  • There are no foreseeable risks associated with your participation, and I hope you will feel that you are making a valuable contribution to public knowledge by taking part. I would appreciate any feedback on the questionnaire and indeed on your feelings about taking part.¬† If you would like to send feedback, there is a space at the end of the questionnaire or you can send it separately in an email to Alessandra.Mondin [at] Again, I guarantee that anything you say in this way will be treated entirely confidentially.