This questionnaire is part of my PhD project which seeks to investigate new forms of pornography, especially those that want to resist stereotypes to produce new ways of showing and speaking about desires.

My research will use mixed-methods and interdisciplinary approaches to get a more complete picture of new kinds of pornographies, their production and consumption. In particular, I’m hoping to focus on the possibilities of feminist pornography – who makes it, why, for whom, what does it look like and what could it be in future? As part of the project I will be interviewing producers, directors and actors to find out about their motivations for making feminist porn.

But, most importantly, I want to hear what audiences might make of the possibilities of new kinds of pornography, to hear about their experiences as viewers.

This questionnaire will take about twenty minutes to complete and asks you to answer simple questions regarding your uses of pornography, your likes and dislikes.

Thank you for taking an interest in this project. Any question you might have can be sent to this address: Alessandra.Mondin [at] research [dot] sunderland [dot] ac [dot] uk